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Consumer information leaflet

All our Ready to vape range of products is provided in 50/50 of PG/VG.

Cola with a twist of lime

Salted butter caramel

Coffee with whipped cream

Slightly fizzing fresh cola with a twist of lime

Raspberry and passion fruit sorbet

Italian iced coffee

Blackberry and blackcurrant with a touch of strawberry and raspberry

Deliciously fresh and sweet soursop juice

The original flavor whitout freshness

Slightly fresh red berries with a twist of sakura

Violet candy with a touch of wild strawberry

Wild strawberry with fresh and juicy mango from Malaysia

Ice mint syrup

Oriental mint tea

Slightly fresh fruity sweet

Strawberry candy with a touch of Yuzu (japonese citrus)

Green tea

Black tea with lemon

Popcorn caramelised with maple sugar

Fresh caramelised apple

White peach nectarine tea

Creol mango with a touch of pineapple

Creol frosted mango with a touch of pineapple

Kiwi and white peach nectarine

 A few diced pineapple, beautiful pieces of mango and white strawberries, a variety also called pineapple strawberry because of its tropical taste!